This package contains the implementation of the components used for settlement. It has the following modules:

  • RouteProvider.SingleCustodian: Used to generate a single RoutedStep from a Step using a single custodian
  • RouteProvider.IntermediatedStatic: Used to generate a route, i.e., RoutedSteps, for each settlement Step
  • Instruction: Used to settle a single RoutedStep, i.e., a Step at a custodian.
  • Batch: Allows you to atomically settle a set of settlement Instructions
  • Factory: Used to create a set of settlement Instructions, and a Batch to atomically settle them
  • Hierarchy: Data type that describes a hierarchical account structure between multiple parties

The Settlement page contains an overview of the settlement process and explains the relationship between Instruction and Batch. Also, check out the Settlement tutorial for a description on how to implement the settlement workflow in practice.