template DateClock

A DateClock is a template used to keep track of the current date. It implements the Time rule interface to be able to advance and rewind business time. It also implements the TimeObservable interface. Specifically, each date D is mapped to D 00:00:00 UTC. If your use-case involves working across multiple time zones, you may need to define multiple DateClock templates with specific time conversions.

Signatory: providers

Field Type Description
providers Parties The clock’s providers.
date Unit The clock’s date.
id Id The clock’s identifier.
description Text The clock’s description.
observers Parties Observers.
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    Controller: providers

    Returns: ()

    (no fields)

  • interface instance I for DateClock

  • interface instance I for DateClock

Data Types

type T

= DateClock

Type synonym for DateClock.



: Date -> Time

Maps a Date to Time using the rule in the DateClock.