interface Instruction

An interface for providing a single instruction to transfer an asset.

viewtype V

Data Types

type I

= Instruction

Type synonym for Instruction.

instance HasMethod Factory "instruct" (Instruct -> Update (ContractId I, [ContractId I]))

type V

= View

Type synonym for View.

instance HasFromAnyView Instruction V

data View

View for Instruction.


Field Type Description
instructor Party Party that instructs settlement (and the creation of the Instruction).
consenters Parties Parties consenting with the creation of the Instruction.
settlers Parties Parties that can execute the Instruction.
batchId Id Batch identifier.
id Id Instruction identifier.
routedStep RoutedStep Instruction details to execute.
settlementTime Optional Time Settlement time (if any).
allocation Allocation Allocation from the sender.
approval Approval Approval from the receiver.
signedSenders Parties Additional signatories, used to collect authorization (on sending side).
signedReceivers Parties Additional signatories, used to collect authorization (on receiving side).

instance Eq View

instance Show View