template ElectionEffect

A contract encoding the consequences of an election for one unit of the target instrument. It needs to be claimed with the right amount and is consumed after claiming.

Signatory: providers

Field Type Description
providers Parties The effect provider.
custodian Party The custodian of the holding put forward for election.
owner Party The owner of the holding put forward for election.
id Id The effect’s identifier.
description Text The effect’s description.
targetInstrument InstrumentKey The target instrument.
producedInstrument Optional InstrumentKey The produced instrument, when it exists.
amount Decimal The elected amount.
otherConsumed [InstrumentQuantity] Consumed quantities (not including the target instrument).
otherProduced [InstrumentQuantity] Produced quantities (not including the produced instrument).
settlementTime Optional Time The effect’s settlement time (if any).
observers PartiesMap Observers.

Data Types

type T

= ElectionEffect

Type synonym for ElectionEffect.