Module Daml.Finance.Interface.Claims.Dynamic.Instrument


interface Instrument

Interface implemented by instruments that create Contingent Claims trees on-the-fly (ie., the tree is not stored on disk as part of a contract, but created and processed in-memory).

  • Choice Archive

    (no fields)

  • Choice CreateNewVersion

    Create a new version of an instrument, using a new lastEventTimestamp.

    Field Type Description
    version Text The new version of the instrument.
    lastEventTimestamp Time The new lastEventTimestamp of the instrument.
  • Choice GetView

    Retrieves the interface view.

    Field Type Description
    viewer Party The party retrieving the view.
  • Method createNewVersion : CreateNewVersion -> Update (ContractId Instrument)


class Implementation t => HasImplementation t where

Data Types

type I

= Instrument

Type synonym for Instrument.

type Implementation t

= HasToInterface t I

Type constraint for requiring templates to implement Instrument.

type V

= View

Type synonym for View.

instance HasFromAnyView Instrument V

data View

View for Instrument.


Field Type Description
lifecycler Party Party performing the lifecycling.
lastEventTimestamp Time (Market) time of the last recorded lifecycle event. If no event has occurred yet, the time of creation should be used.

instance Eq View

instance Show View


: Instrument -> CreateNewVersion -> Update (ContractId Instrument)