Module Daml.Finance.Settlement.Batch


template Batch

Allows you to atomically settle a set of settlement Step.

Field Type Description
requestors Parties Parties requesting the settlement.
settlers Parties Any of the parties can trigger the settlement.
id Id Batch identifier.
description Text Batch description.
contextId Optional Id Identifier to link a batch to a context (e.g. the Effect it originated from).
routedStepsWithInstructionId [(RoutedStep, Id)] The settlement RoutedStep\s and the identifiers of the corresponding Instruction\s.
settlementTime Optional Time Settlement time (if any).
  • Choice Archive

    (no fields)

  • interface instance I for Batch

Data Types

data BatchKey

Type for batch key.


Field Type Description
requestors Parties  
id Id  

instance Eq BatchKey

instance Ord BatchKey

instance Show BatchKey

instance HasExerciseByKey Batch BatchKey Archive ()

instance HasFetchByKey Batch BatchKey

instance HasFromAnyContractKey Batch BatchKey

instance HasKey Batch BatchKey

instance HasLookupByKey Batch BatchKey

instance HasMaintainer Batch BatchKey

instance HasToAnyContractKey Batch BatchKey

type T

= Batch

Type synonym for Batch.