Module Daml.Finance.Interface.Settlement.Factory


interface Factory

An interface used to generate settlement instructions.

  • Choice Archive

    (no fields)

  • Choice GetView

    Retrieves the interface view.

    Field Type Description
    viewer Party The party retrieving the view.
  • Choice Instruct

    Generate settlement instructions, and a batch for settling them.

    Field Type Description
    instructors Parties Parties requesting to instruct a settlement.
    settlers Parties Any of the parties can trigger the final settlement.
    id Id Batch identifier.
    description Text Batch description.
    contextId Optional Id Identifier to link a batch to a context (e.g. the Effect it originated from).
    routedSteps [RoutedStep] Routed settlement steps to instruct.
    settlementTime Optional Time Settlement time (if any).
  • Method instruct : Instruct -> Update (ContractId I, [ContractId I])

    Implementation of the Instruct choice.


class Implementation t => HasImplementation t where

Data Types

type F

= Factory

Type synonym for Factory.

type I

= Factory

Type synonym for Factory.

type Implementation t

= HasToInterface t F

Type constraint for requiring templates to implement Factory.

type V

= View

Type synonym for View.

instance HasFromAnyView Factory V

data View

View for Factory.


Field Type Description
provider Party Party providing the facility.
observers Parties Observers.

instance Eq View

instance Show View


: Factory -> Instruct -> Update (ContractId I, [ContractId I])