template Rule

Rule contract that allows an actor to claim effects, returning settlement instructions.

Signatory: provider

Field Type Description
provider Party Provider of the claim rule. Together with the actors of the ClaimEffect choice the authorization requirements to upgrade the holdings being claimed have to be met.
claimers Parties Any of the parties can claim an effect.
settlers Parties Any of the parties can trigger settlement of the resulting batch.
routeProviderCid ContractId I RouteProvider used to discover settlement routes.
settlementFactoryCid ContractId I Settlement factory contract used to create a Batch of Instruction\s.
netInstructions Bool Configure whether netting should be enabled for quantities having the same (instrument, sender, receiver).
  • Choice Archive

    Controller: provider

    Returns: ()

    (no fields)

  • interface instance I for Rule

Data Types

type T

= Rule

Type synonym for Rule.