Data Types

data Dividend

Describes the attributes of a physically settled Dividend option.


Field Type Description
instrument InstrumentKey The instrument’s key.
description Text The description of the option.
expiryDate Date The expiry date of the option.
cashQuantity InstrumentQuantity Dividend paid in cash
sharesQuantity Optional InstrumentQuantity Dividend paid in shares (if applicable)
fxQuantity Optional InstrumentQuantity Dividend paid in a foreign currency (if applicable)
lastEventTimestamp Time (Market) time of the last recorded lifecycle event. If no event has occurred yet, the time of creation should be used.
prevEvents [EventData] A list of previous elections that have been lifecycled on this instrument so far.

instance Eq Dividend

instance Show Dividend

data ElectionTypeEnum

An election type classification.


Shares dividend.


Cash dividend.


Foreign currency cash dividend.

instance Eq ElectionTypeEnum

instance Show ElectionTypeEnum