interface Claim

Interface implemented by templates that can be represented as Contingent Claims.

viewtype V

  • Choice Archive

    Controller: Signatories of implementing template

    Returns: ()

    (no fields)

  • Choice GetClaims

    Retrieves the list of claims representing the instrument. This might involve fetching reference data, such as calendars, on which the actor must have visibility.

    Controller: actor

    Returns: [TaggedClaim]

    Field Type Description
    actor Party The party retrieving the claims.
  • Choice GetView

    Retrieves the interface view.

    Controller: viewer

    Returns: View

    Field Type Description
    viewer Party The party retrieving the view.
  • Method getClaims : GetClaims -> Update [TaggedClaim]

    The list of claims representing the instrument.

Data Types

type I

= Claim

Type synonym for Claim.

type V

= View

Type synonym for View.

instance HasFromAnyView Claim V

data View

View for Claim.


Field Type Description
acquisitionTime Time The claim’s acquisition time.

instance Eq View

instance Show View


: Claim -> GetClaims -> Update [TaggedClaim]

: Party -> Claim -> Update C

Retrieves the single claim representing the template. An error is thrown if there are zero or more than one claims.


: Claim -> Time

Retrieves the claim’s acquisition time.