Module Daml.Finance.Interface.Types.Common.Types

Data Types

data AccountKey

A unique key for Accounts.


Field Type Description
custodian Party Party providing accounting services.
owner Party Party providing accounting services.
id Id Unique identifier for an account.

instance Eq AccountKey

instance Ord AccountKey

instance Show AccountKey

instance HasMethod Account "getKey" AccountKey

instance HasExerciseByKey Reference AccountKey GetCid (ContractId Account)

instance HasExerciseByKey Reference AccountKey SetCid (ContractId Reference)

instance HasExerciseByKey Reference AccountKey SetObservers (ContractId Reference)

instance HasExerciseByKey Reference AccountKey Archive ()

instance HasFetchByKey Reference AccountKey

instance HasFromAnyContractKey Reference AccountKey

instance HasKey Reference AccountKey

instance HasLookupByKey Reference AccountKey

instance HasMaintainer Reference AccountKey

instance HasToAnyContractKey Reference AccountKey

data Id

data InstrumentKey

A unique key for Instruments.


Field Type Description
depository Party Party providing depository services.
issuer Party Issuer of instrument.
id Id A unique identifier for an instrument.
version Text A textual instrument version.

instance Eq InstrumentKey

instance Ord InstrumentKey

instance Show InstrumentKey

instance HasMethod Instrument "getKey" InstrumentKey

instance HasMethod Election "apply" (ContractId Election -> Apply -> Update (Optional InstrumentKey, [ContractId I]))

instance HasMethod Exercisable "applyElection" (ApplyElection -> Update (Optional InstrumentKey, [ContractId I]))

instance HasMethod Lifecycle "evolve" (Evolve -> Update (Optional InstrumentKey, [ContractId I]))

type InstrumentQuantity
= Quantity InstrumentKey Decimal
type Parties

= Set Party

A set of parties.

instance HasExerciseByKey DateClock (Parties, Id) Archive ()

instance HasExerciseByKey LedgerTime (Parties, Id) Archive ()

instance HasFetchByKey DateClock (Parties, Id)

instance HasFetchByKey LedgerTime (Parties, Id)

instance HasFromAnyContractKey DateClock (Parties, Id)

instance HasFromAnyContractKey LedgerTime (Parties, Id)

instance HasKey DateClock (Parties, Id)

instance HasKey LedgerTime (Parties, Id)

instance HasLookupByKey DateClock (Parties, Id)

instance HasLookupByKey LedgerTime (Parties, Id)

instance HasMaintainer DateClock (Parties, Id)

instance HasMaintainer LedgerTime (Parties, Id)

instance HasToAnyContractKey DateClock (Parties, Id)

instance HasToAnyContractKey LedgerTime (Parties, Id)

type PartiesMap

= Map Text Parties

Parties mapped to a specific key (or context). The textual key is the "context" which describes the value set of parties. Allows for processes to add/remove parties for their specific purpose.

data Quantity u a

A dimensioned quantity.


Field Type Description
unit u The quantity’s unit.
amount a A numerical amount.

instance (Eq u, Eq a) => Eq (Quantity u a)

instance (Ord u, Ord a) => Ord (Quantity u a)

instance (Show u, Show a) => Show (Quantity u a)