interface Event

Event interface for the distribution of units of an instrument for each unit of a target instrument (e.g. share or cash dividends).

viewtype V

  • Choice Archive

    Controller: Signatories of implementing template

    Returns: ()

    (no fields)

  • Choice GetView

    Retrieves the event view.

    Controller: viewer

    Returns: View

    Field Type Description
    viewer Party The party retrieving the view.

Data Types

type I

= Event

Type synonym for Event.

type V

= View

Type synonym for View.

instance HasFromAnyView Event V

data View

View for Event.


Field Type Description
effectiveTime Time Time on which the distribution is effectuated.
targetInstrument InstrumentKey Instrument the distribution event applies to.
newInstrument InstrumentKey Instrument after the distribution has been claimed.
perUnitDistribution [InstrumentQuantity] Distributed quantities per unit held.

instance Eq View

instance Show View